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I'm doing everything right, so why are my homecare reimbursements a problem?

Let's say you are a physician in a rural area and you have a sizable percentage of patients that are seen by homecare agencies Those patients require additional communication with homecare agencies, and added overhead that comes with managing remote homecare.  And with a 1/3 of your patients requiring homecare, you and your staff already made changes to your workflow to adapt and adjust for managing and overseeing agency nurses.  Here are the Top 3 reasons why after doing all the work, reimbursements for your work might still be lagging, often significantly.  1. Not taking advantage of all the available billing codes There are 3 main billing codes that you can use as a framework for your reimbursements.  G0180 -  Physician certification for a home health patient G0179 - Physician recertification for a home health patient G0181 - Physician supervision of a patient receiving medicare-covered services provided by a participating home health agency  The